What is Breathwork & Why Has Everyone Gone Crazy for It?

woman with flippers free diving in the ocean holding her breath

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What is Breathwork?

Why is Breathwork so Popular?

Isn't Breathwork Just Breathing?

How Breathwork Works

What Science Says About Breathwork

The Risks of Breathwork

The Different Types of Breathwork

How to Learn Breathwork

5 Tips for Beginners to Breathwork

On their very first day of school, 5 year old monks learn how to breathe. ​ Not ABC, not counting. Breath. ​ And here we are over in the West, barely aware of a single one of the 25,000 breaths we take every day of our lives. ​ So why do monks value breathing so much? ​ Because our breath is inextricably linked with our entire being, every moment of every day. Our breath is in relationship with our emotions, our mood, our immune system, our nervous system. It can influence whether or not our body perceives safety or danger, if we can rest or if we have to stress in order to survive. It influences whether our mind is chaotic and anxious or calm and still. ​ And our breath is our single most direct connection with being alive.

​ Think of all of that underutilised power we can access, simply by lea