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Hi, I'm Rachel

I'm so happy you're here

Welcome to my part of the internet!


I'm Rachel, my pronouns are she/her


I'm an international yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher, Reiki healer, and embodiment coach working to guide you back to the wisdom of your body so you can live from the inside-out (rather than driven by the demands of the outside world), ditch the overwhelm and become calm, confident and led by your own inner power!

- Ralph Ellison

"when I discover who I am, I'll be free"

Freedom has always been my highest value.


Yet for much of my life, I was never really free… 


I was caught in the comparison trap, constantly looking outwards to other people and the media to determine my self worth.


I was trapped in my own mind, overthinking everything and living with high functioning anxiety that was so embedded I didn’t even know I had it.


I was governed by what society, institutions and other people told me I should do, who I should be, and how my life should look.


I shut down my highly sensitive nature because I didn’t know how to be so sensitive in such an overwhelming, fast-paced and demanding world. It hurt too much.


And as a result, I didn’t know who I was.


By my mid-twenties I was deep into an eating disorder and exercise addiction --- my way of distracting myself from the pain of not knowing myself and being disembodied from my soul.


Eventually, inevitably, I crashed. I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a host of gut issues from being constantly in a state of fight-or-flight. This was the ground on which I decided to make a change. My doctor recommended meditation, and so began my redirection from the extrinsic life I’d been living, back inwards to myself.

After a long healing journey (along with a tribe of incredible mentors) I refound myself, discovered my truth, my voice and reawakened my sensitive nature in a way that allows me to live in this difficult modern life with clarity, 

Our modern culture and society has us living from the outside in --- constantly focused on the world outside of ourselves, and as a result, we don’t really know who we are.


I will help you to find your own freedom --- by reuniting with your body and learning how to live from the inside out.

Are you feeling like I was?

Overwhelmed, lost, like you're fighting against your hyper-sensitivty, like you're in your own way, anxious, like the world is too hard for it to be safe to be you.


Are you an overthinker, tired, burnt out and not in the power you know inside you you possess?

I can guide you to reclaim the magic of your inner world and find the freedom that comes with being yourself, so that rather than living purely for the external world and losing yourself in the process, you can live from your inner world with more empowerment, calm, authenticity and truth!


Rachel XX

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What I do

freelance copywriter
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It's all about connection & communication

copywriter | embodiment coach | energy healer


All of my work revolves around creating unity where there is disconnect, communication where there is discord.

Whether it's eradicating the disconnection that keeps you stuck and in your own way by helping you to find harmonious connection between your inner and outer world.


Or inspiring you to refind communication between your mind, breath, body and soul so you're fully embodied and radiating so much in your personal power that you create change in our society simply via the ripple effect.

Or guiding my writing clients to connect with their authentic selves and voice so they can connect with their audience and get their message out into the world.

Or here on my blog, where I connect my own voice with my keyboard to try to make a little sense of the world.

How can I help you connect?



5 Things About Me

My surname comes from my Polish grandad. He escaped a labour camp in WW2 & made it across Europe to England where he met my grandma.

I'm a Virgo. But I'm not organised.

My surname is pronounced just how it’s spelled Bed-Nar-Ski. I know, it feels like a mouthful! I learned how to spell it by listening to my mum spelling it for people on the phone.

I'm in a same-sex relationship & I'm on a mission to normalise the LGBTQIA community and love of all kinds

I have another business, Lokah Lab, with my partner Amanda. If you're a mum you'll want to check it out!

Feel the vibe and...

work with me to come back home to your body

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