6 Surprising Benefits of Breathwork You Didn't Know About

woman in desert face up to sky breathing into her hands

You thought the only benefit of breathing is that it keeps you alive?

Not so!

It turns out, there are some seriously mind-blowing benefits of breathwork that you can tap into when you breathe properly and with intention.

'Just breathing' isn't actually enough if we're breathing the wrong way, which most of us are. When we're not breathing properly, we’re vastly under-utilising our potential as humans and compromising our health in the process.

What constitutes 'right' breathing is hotly debated among breathing professionals; breathworkers, physiologists, investigative researchers, physiotherapists all have varied ideas on how to breathe for maximum health and efficiency.

Many experts suggest, and I agree, that there is no one correct way of breathing, as different techniques have different benefits at different times.

But breathing ‘properly’ usually refers to using the intercostal muscles, your full rib cage and your diaphragm with each breath, and taking as few breaths per minute as is comfortable for you.

Adopting functional breathing patterns in your daily life along with practicing conscious breathwork, can lead you to some pretty cool benefits you might not have considered.

Breath, it seems, really is a superpower.

Don’t believe me?

Let's have a closer look, prepare to be 🤯