Stop the Positivity Performance: What To Do When Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

“The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

We’re taught to fear the dark, to illuminate our homes and our internal worlds with artificial light under the guise that it will keep us safe from whatever’s lurking, ignored, in the shadows.

Like our night lights, we light our minds up with artificial iridescence; crutches of promised light to hide our deeper darkness: drugs and alcohol, shopping, affirmations, Netflix, gossip, food. Positive thinking.

That’s the catch right there—enforced positivity is yet another means of giving up our own power to external systems. It keeps us stuck responding to an idealised version of the present instead of living in the real present.

It keeps us in fear of ourselves.

There’s a statistic that shows a group of adults were asked if they’d rather sit with their thoughts for 20 minutes or receive an electric shock. 60% of men and 30% of women chose the electric shock. Over their own thoughts.

How are we at this point of being so uncomfortable with and disconnected from ourselves that we can’t be alone in our own heads? It’s the ultimate in giving our power away.

But what we aren’t told is that our empowerment is in our darkness, in the parts of us we’re hell bent on hiding. The light of enlightenment doesn’t come from being positive; it comes from being honest and being aware.

And now is our time to reclaim our honest darkness.

It’s time to set our whole, wild selves free, and transmute the fear into transformation.

When you can be with your whole self, without judgement or fear, you have total self empowerment.