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Image by Milo Weiler



6 Month Online Group Immersion | Starts 25 Nov 2023

A guided journey into the magical portal of your body through movement, energy work, and breathwork to reclaim the full expansion of who you are.
No more hiding, playing small, and overthinking…. It’s time to expand.
Your sense of self is, before anything else, experienced not through language or the mind, but through the sensations and movements of your body.

If you’re willing to join me on this magical journey, put on your explorer hat, take a deep breath, and dive into the unchartered territory of your inner world, you will dismantle your armour, discover answers within you to questions you’ve been driving yourself nuts trying to answer with your mind, and get comfortable with how it feels in your body when you’re fully in touch with the true you who lives within it.


This isn't a dance class, a fitness class, yoga, or a catalogue of ‘nervous system tools’...


This is a unique and rare opportunity to move purely to experience the joy of being alive in a human body without choreography, postures, or poses to get 'right' or 'wrong'.

I created The Expansion for so many reasons:
  • I was tired of seeing so much rigidity and dogma in the embodiment spaces: move your body, but only like this, and only if you wear this, and look like this.

  • Or else people are promoting embodiment and listening to your body but from an intellectual perspective. People know the WHY, but there is no how. No guiding into the actual direct, lived experience of what it means to be in your body and in feeling. We’re not suffering because of a lack of knowledge, we have ALL THE KNOWLEDGE we could ever need at our fingertips, and we’re all more anxious, self-deprecating, and lost than ever.

  • And I see so much disembodied spirituality—people giving away their power and doing practices that are disconnecting and encouraging them OUT of their bodies — which isn’t doing anything for the layers of tension you’re carrying, and it’s also just unsafe.

Image by Aditya Chinchure

I've deepened my self-love and self-trust, and learned how to create safety for myself in any situation I'm in.

- Sarah Taylor, Queer Coach

Ready to find out what’s under your armour…?

We’ll work with intention, breathwork, movement, energy, your physical, mental, and emotional realms, sound, stillness, and space to gently push your edges and get you just uncomfortable enough to shake up your conditioning and loosen your armour. 


Then you’ll have a clear path to reconnect with, reawaken, and harmonise all parts of you so you finally feel like YOU.

The Expansion will lovingly push on your edges, take you to the depths, and invite you to lean into discomfort so that you emerge at the end of the 6 months feeling reborn and like you’re actually IN your body.

The Expansion is the journey for you if:​

  • You feel awkward in your body​

  • You're not quiiiite sure who you are

  • You struggle to 'listen to your body'

  • You’re a big thinker, catastophiser, and/or worrier, and you find it hard to make decisions 

  • There are things you want to DO in life, and you just can’t get yourself to take the actions you know you need to take

  • Honestly, you're sick of being told how to move and how to look, and not knowing how to feel…

  • You love the idea of exploring your body, energy and psyche in a fluid, feminine, patriarchy-free way that can't be 'right' or 'wrong'

  • You have tension, tightness, and stress to shed and release from your body

  • You don't just want to KNOW a lot of stuff about spirituality and your body, you want to apply and EMBODY it so you're living in alignment with what you know

  • You want to find a way to move your body that feels right for YOU

  • You'd love a new way to express yourself 

  • You're ready (if a little nervous!) to take up space and stop playing small

  • You’re willing to feel temporary discomfort if it means finally

Thanks to Rachel & The Expansion I could get in touch with parts of me that were hidden or that I didn't dare to see & feel.

- Emma Costa Argemi

Image by Jeremy Bishop

I feel like I take up space now, and that I belong in all of that space, fully and positively.

- Harriet


hi, I'm Rachel

I’m a trauma-informed somatics and breathwork coach, and meditation and yoga teacher. And it took me a very long time to figure out, understand, and apply the concepts and practices that I’m giving to you in just 6 months inside The Expansion.


Let me teach you how I released decades of built up tension in my own body and went from not being able to look in the mirror, censoring my face (and even my NAME!) on social media, and having such high-functioning anxiety that I wound up with an eating disorder and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…


To standing in front of hundreds of people to teach, dancing and going live on Instagram with no racing heart or sweaty palms in sight, and honestly, truly, loving myself and my body.

This immersion recognises the inexplicable magic of this life that your mind cannot fathom AND gives your mind just enough of the evidence and reasoning to finally allow it to feel safe enough to let your body feel for a change.

I can't wait to guide you on this journey.

Image by Jeremy Bishop
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