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Being stuck in your head sucks

And being uncomfortable in your body sucks even more.

How would it feel to free your mind + find home in your body?


Check out my programmes, 1-1 coaching, and events to find your path out of overwhelm and overthinking and back into your body

You're an overthinker, right?

I've got you! Get your FREE mini guide & access 5 simple ways to find instant mental calm


Hey, I'm


I set myself free by learning how to work with, rather than against, my body, mind, and high sensitivity - and I can guide you towards the same freedom.​

I am a women's embodiment and Breathwork coach, working with sensitive & overwhelmed women to guide them back to their inner power.

Rachel XX

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"She is a rare, natural born healer. I just like sitting near or her and talking to her.

If anyone has a chance to attend a class or event in which Rachel is a teacher or participant, please go.


She has such a healing presence, that I just stepped aside when she and I worked together."

Melanie Procter

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