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Breathwork and Somatics

Breathwork workshops, transformational retreats, and in-person events

A Night of Breathwork
18th May, 2024 | Hastings

A guided conscious connected breathwork journey to reconnect you with your body, soul, and aliveness.

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I'm Rachel

Somatic and breathwork coach, yoga and meditation teacher, energy worker.

I guide you to spend a little less time in your mind and a little more time in your body, so you can feel and experience life, rather than thinking and analysing your way through it. 


As a culture, we avoid and protect ourselves from uncomfortable feelings and difficult emotions because we were never taught how to experience them without the negative repercussions of shame, name-calling, guilt, being rejected etc. Because of this, we have adopted mind-based approaches like therapy, talking, thinking, and meditating to try to feel better. 


The problem is that feelings are not experienced in your mind. Life is not experienced in your mind. It’s experienced in your body. The taste of chocolate, the smell of your coffee, the freedom of dancing, hugging your children. Receiving money. Giving a sell-out talk on stage at your best-selling book tour. It’s all in the body. Somatic practices, including modalities like breathwork, movement, and sensing give us a way into the body to start building tolerance for exploring all emotions, sensation, and feeling.


I believe that when we stop pathologising feelings and trying to micro-manage them, and come down into our body we can finally feel them, listen to them, and learn from our body’s innate intelligence.

I’ve studied with Cyndi Lee, Dan Brule, Bessel Van der Kolk, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and Richard Strozzi Heckler to cultivate my approach based on a combination of energetic work, spirituality and yoga, nervous system regulation, trauma sensitivity, and somatic coaching.



Trauma Informed Coaching 

Embodied Transformation 

250 hour Breathwork Teacher Training

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training

Yoga Psychology 150 hours

200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Level 2 Reiki Healing

If anyone has a chance to attend a class or event in which Rachel is a teacher or participant, please go. She has such a healing presence, that I just stepped aside when she and I worked together. She is a rare, natural born healer. I just like sitting near or her and talking to her.

- Mel Proctor

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