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Life is about to get expansive

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It's Time to Stop Living for the Outer World &

Start Living From Your Inner World

 Are you:

Stuck in your overthinking mind?

Tired of being constantly anxious & self deprecating?

Addicted to social media, entertainment, food, substances, exercise, shopping etc?

Ready to step into your spiritual practice, refind yourself, & live life from the wisdom of your inner world rather than for the acceptance of outer world?

Constantly getting in your own way?

Always denying your emotions, or stuck in cycles of negativity? 

Accused of being oversensitive?

Ready to create lasting change in your life using simple, practical tools that allow you to feel like you again?

Filled with resistance & fear

Ungrounded, lacking clarity & confidence in your life purpose & passions?

At a point of realising that what's ‘normal’ isn’t working for you anymore?


Sounds like you, doesn't it?

It doesn't have to be this way. 

Life is about to get expansive

If you're ready to reclaim your power & begin living life as YOU again, book your FREE Breakthrough Call today to discover if Empowerment Coaching is right for you

What is Empowerment Coaching?

Empowerment Coaching guides you on a journey back to yourself, to reclaiming the power you've given away to other people, ideas, values, institutions and/or the media so you can flow through life from an inner space of self love, clarity, belief in your own abilities and unwavering confidence in yourself, no matter what life throws at you.

You will journey through a progressive, 3 month online programme of personalised, one-to-one guidance to reconnecting with your inner power, instead of gaining your sense of self, your energy, and your worth from the external world.

Are you living for the external world, disconnected from your own inner reality, emotions, passions & voice?

Do you abandon yourself to please other people?

Do you make decisions based on how you'll be viewed by the outside world?

Have you lost connection with your intuition?

Do you focus more on how other people see you, need you, & value you more than how you see, need & value yourself?

Do you often say 'yes' when you mean 'no?'

Do you pretend everything is fine, when actually, it isn't?

Do you know you want to bring meditation, yoga, & mindfulness into your life but have no idea where to start?

If anyone has a chance to attend a class or event in which Rachel is a teacher or participant, please go. She has such a healing presence, that I just stepped aside when she and I worked together. She is a rare, natural born healer. I just like sitting near or her and talking to her.

- Melanie Procter, Phuket Cleanse

I'm Rachel, and I'm here to remind you of your inner power

I know how overwhelming, lonely, and anxiety-inducing it is to constantly be living life for the external world & not knowing how to turn inwards to reclaim your inner power.

But, as I discovered on my own journey back to myself; it doesn't have to be this way.


I will support, inspire & guide you on your journey to reclaiming your empowerment & reconnecting with yourself to find harmony, confidence, strength & clarity.

Using a powerful combination of movement, energy healing, mindfulness & meditation we will unlock your inner power by breaking through your limiting beliefs, developing clarity in your life's vision, & cultivating confidence in your self worth.


You will come out on the other side with a wealth of personal practices to support you long into the future along with a strong connection with everything you have within you to move confidently through life as your most empowered self.


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The Proven Methods We Use to Get You Where You Want to Be

I also offer private, online yoga packages, meditation coaching, and distance energy healings, which might suit you better if Empowerment Coaching isn't for you at this time.

You can contact me here for more information or to book a session.

Meditation +


Evidence-based mindfulness and meditation practices personalised to you, your lifestyle and your individual goals.

Yoga +

Yoga Psychology

Physical yoga-based movement practices to achieve embodiment and confidence in your body, along with 'yoga off the mat'

Energy Healing

Enjoy a private distance energy healing each month of your programme to induce deep relaxation, energy balance and healing.

Self Healing

You will learn how to tap into your power to find your own healer within through self reflection and getting to know and find confidence in your body, energy and inner world

What You Get

Your package will be personalised for you depending on your own unique goals and desires, but most programmes include:

2 monthly live video calls with me to discuss your progress and develop your programme

1 private distance Reiki healing per month

A session reflection online 'journal' for you to go deeper into your self reflection

Coaching in personal meditation, movement and mindfulness practices for you to use in daily life

Personal WhatsApp contact with me between calls for the duration of your programme

Group yoga, breathing and/or meditation classes

But What You Really Get

Imagine this:

Having a stable & loving relationship with yourself so that you trust your choices + know your worth

Having a strong mindfulness practice at your disposal that you can come to at any time to reconnect with yourself & your inner world

Living in liberation from self doubt & an unwavering belief in your own unique greatness

Having the ability to make decisions & choices that nourish & empower you

Enjoying a deep connection with & understanding of your own needs & wants & knowing how to meet them

Having the courage to live life on your terms from a place of love and compassion

It is possible & simple to live this way, you just need to know how to use the right tools & techniques for you - I'll introduce these to you & show you how to use them in the perfect way for you

Get ready to welcome in the you you came to Earth to be

Are you ready to embody the greatest version of yourself?


Do you want to transform your life through inner work and spiritual practices?


Are you ready to live a lifestyle that fits your needs instead of bending to the demands of the outside world?


Are you ready to commit to and experience the magic of spiritual and personal growth?

Now is your time.

There has never been a more important time to start living life in alignment with who you really are, connecting with yourself and discovering your spiritual practice than right now.

Prices start from £250 per month for pure meditation coaching. Book your Breakthrough Call to have a chat and find the right package for you.

Book your free Breakthrough Call with me today and take the first step to reclaiming your inner power!

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