Reiki Healing

Or Find Out if Energy Healing is for You

Book a distance energy healing and discover deep relaxation, inner harmony, and the innate capacity your body has to heal itself

It's Time to Find Freedom in Your Mind and Your Body

 Are you:

Constantly tired?

An overthinker?

Generally anxious and overwhelmed?

Having trouble sleeping?

Struggling with aches and pains or an injury that won't heal?

You might just find reiki healing helps you to manage all of these!


About Reiki Healing

During a reiki healing session, your mind will move from the analytical left brain thinking, into the right brain realm of emotion, feeling and cronnection with yourself and oneness.

Reiki energy is a beautiful, gentle healing energy that can be sent across distances, meaning you can enjoy its benefits in your own home across land and seas!

Energy healing is a simple and but effective modality to help you navigate modern life as it gifts you a break from the constant analysis of your mind and supports you in rebalancing, reviving, restoring and healing subconscious blocks and energetic debris you accumulate as you move through life.

As part of my practice and philosophy, I work to unite you with your inner power  to live as healthily, harmoniously and happily as you deserve to live.

My approach combines of both Eastern and Western methods, influenced by my yoga and meditation teacher background.

In our sessions together, I will guide you on a deep meditation journey on Zoom or voice call, using breathing practices, visualisation and music to allow you to feel safe and relaxed as the Reiki energy works its magic on assisting you to reaching your most aligned self.

You will finsih feeling more free in your mind and body, more balanced with your energy, and might even experience relief in or reduction of pain, overthinking and emotional overwhelm.

You can learn more about reiki healing and get your questions answered here.


Regular healing journey (between 60 and 75 minutes) 

Mini healing (30 minutes)

Three Healings Package (sessions to be used within 3 months)​​​​

Due to the current climate I am also accepting offers of what you can afford if you've been financially, mentally, emotionally or physically affected by the events of 2020 and need support. Please email to have a chat.




Rachel has such a healing presence. She is a rare, natural born healer. I just like sitting near or her and talking to her.

- Melanie Procter, Phuket Cleanse


What to Expect

I will send you a consultation form before our call

Our session will take place over the phone or via Zoom

Before we begin, we will have a chat and you can ask any questions and share anything you wish me to know or think is relevant

I will then guide you into a deep meditation journey so you're fully relaxed, before I begin the healing

After the healing is finished, you will have opportunity, if you wish, to share your experience with me and ask any other questions, and I might share with you anything relevant that arose from my perspective, for example, if the energy in your stomach was particularly dense I might tell you, and suggest why this might be and/or offer ways to maintain the new balance in that area. I cannot give medical or mental health advice.

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