We Forgot About Yin: Notes on the Need for Balance

It’s a fundamental law of our dualistic reality that every force has a polar opposite (light/dark, war/peace, fear/love, male/female, day/night, etc). Polarities only exist in relation to each other, seemingly opposing forces are really two parts of a whole—constantly working together to maintain harmony. If one exists, at some point the other must.

In the short time I’ve been teaching yoga, the thing that’s stood out to me above all else so far is the predominance of yang energy in us. We are a society of doers — but we don't make the time & space to integrate all of the doing, so we’re filled with fire without the space to channel it.

We're doingdoingdoing. Cultivating energy, throwing it while on the run at endless projects and goals and desires to change ourselves—yet without the yin, without its opposite, that fire is too much for our human softness. It’s unsustainable because it’s inharmonious, working against the law of nature.

We refuse to let go. We fidget — eyes open, thumbs searching — in savasana, pick at our feet in butterfly — mind scrolling, heart muffled, eyes flicking up and down at the clock which probably shouldn’t be on the wall anyway.

Yang instigates an action but it's Yin that receives it.

Culturally, we've ignited so much action on our patriarchal, masculine dominance, but have yet to allow the Yin to rise and receive it. Instead, we keep acting, striving, blaming, burning, fighting.

Amid the energy of our current climate emergency is the perfect opportunity to redress the balance — between your head and heart, mind and intuition, your feminine and masculine, between doing and being, action and submission.

So this is a call to yin. A call home to our subtlety and softness, to harmony. Let's go sit under this new moon and surrender.

I promise it'll make your Yang more effective.

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