Water Element Rituals & Flower Bath for the Full & New Moon

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

I have so much earth in my chart that I’ve never really felt much affiliation with water, but somebody wonderful told me at the end of last year all about how water is the most healing element because of its feminine depth, ability to cleanse, calm and purify.

I'm really good at feeling like everything needs to be Palo Santoed and natal charted and protected by a fort of crystals with a clan of mantra and sacred geometry as the gatekeepers but really, there's probably nothing more sacred and powerful, yet easy, than creating a bond with the elemental basics we were born from.

You can do these simple rituals at home every day to tap into the healing powers of water:

  • Drink a cup of hot water in the morning. Before your coffee, before you eat, just brew some filtered water and spend the time it takes to sip it in total present mindfulness. Notice the warmth, its simplicity, how it tastes, and appreciate all the good it’s doing as it makes its way around your body.

  • Get into the sea, in the morning if you can, to soak up some gentle fire from the day’s first rays of sun at the same time. Whether you’re in a climate of warm water or if you have to brave a cold immersion, take time to visualise the water clearing all the energetic debris from your body, notice the physical sensations of submerging, and enjoy the carefree time of feeling weightless, suspended, and playful.

If you can’t get into the sea, have a bath.

Try this bath ritual for some extra special me-time self care. It might seem a little cliche but MAN does it work. This is perfect for a full moon, a time of extra wateryiness, when the tides rise. Just throw in a mug of ceremonial cacao ;)

  1. Light an incense.

  2. Run the water nice and warm, so it’s just teetering on the edge of too hot.

  3. Add a LOT of epsom salts.

  4. Stick your favourite crystals in there. I love my rose quartz for bath time. Be sure to check which crystals are safe to submerge.

  5. Turn off the main light and use candles.

  6. Bring nature in, add rose petals. Lavender is also good.

  7. Throw in a handful of shea butter.

  8. Once you’re in, focus on your physical body. Be especially careful of the language you use when you think of it — be kind. Notice how you sink lower into the water with every exhale and rise towards the surface with every inhale. Play with this, it’s really fun!

  9. Notice how the water feels on your skin, how your heart rate changes, the light of the candles, the smell of your flower bath mates.

  10. Play Ong Namo, my absolute favourite bath song. Sing, loudly, along from your water sanctuary if you can. You’ll sound really good bouncing off the bathroom tiles and you’ll get all the benefits of mantra at the same time.

  11. Dunk your head under and notice how the sound and pressure change as your ears break the surface and sink under water.

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