Reasons to Meditate: Notes from My Daily Practice

As the mind grows quiet and still, our sense of psychological time falls away and we open up to a vast spaciousness. It has been there all along, behind our agitation. The productions of the mind are like clouds, some beautiful, some dark and threatening, but they are all clouds in the sky of the mind. Most of us live at the level of the clouds. We barely know there is a sky.’ — Larry Rosenberg

When you realise you can stretch your arms up and prise your mental clouds apart with your fingertips, you’ll discover that behind them you have a whole, infinite, dynamic sky to be mesmerised and inspired by.

There are stars up there, some of them even shoot, there’s a sun and a moon, there are planets and galaxies, and black holes, and sunrises and sunsets that wash the entire canopy with eternally mutable colour.

Things that look like aeroplanes, but also don’t... are blinking about.

Angels live there.

Time isn't linear.

You can even dispose of your body weight for a while and float about in sepheric peace.

You can recharge up there at the Source. There’s light.

You can learn—in meditation—how to experience your sky, how to nudge your clouds aside and let the joy of your own sunlight burst down, face your fears and explore the black holes, and with practice, you can tap into it at any time outside of meditation and use it to better inform your earthly reality.

Mindfulness and meditation don’t sedate and numb you.

They show you how to move your smothering, distracting, judgemental thoughts aside for some sky time — so that instead of thinking about how you feel, you can get in there and really feeeeel how you feel.

How well do you know your sky? Do you live at cloud level?

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