Reasons to Meditate: Making Reality Smoother

I noticed last night that I have an earworm, and it’s likely been tracking, unnoticed, through my mind for days, (that song about a girl being a psycho or something—I’ve never chosen to listen to that song of my own accord, but it’s somehow in there, it's non-lyrics cavorting through my subconscious, loudly, at night).

I have a to-do list again, I have to file my Self Assessment I don’t want to, I forgot to do my meditation practice this morning...

And it’s all just reminding me that it doesn’t matter how much meditation you do; life outside of sitting in lotus pose is ceaseless and will continue to rave on (thank goodness!).

The intention is never to try to stop that and float on up into the ethers on a cloud of ‘IDGAF’. At least not forever. Our physical reality is just as important as our spiritual one and they need to work together.

And that’s the primary purpose of mindfulness and meditation—to relearn how to manage how our minds (and therefore our bodies) respond when life is right there demanding attention.

So we can notice when our mind has pressed ‘play’ on songs about psychos and make the choice to peel them out of our own heads so we have space there instead.

So we notice when we’re making stories up about everything we have to do and cultivating an internal and perpetual sense of unnecessary dread. So we don’t feel guilty and like a failure for not doing our morning routine.

It’s about having everything going on but being able to notice when it’s taking over and bringing our minds back to the present moment instead, which is the only moment we actually have any control over.

Now that I’ve noticed I was getting caught up and preoccupied, I’m using what I know (innately) to take a deep breath, make a fresh start, and keep bringing my mind back from distraction so it and I can work together, not in opposition.

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