Notes on Bali: Why Everyone is Going to Bali

I didn’t particularly want to like Bali.

I missed the Bali boat as a student (I went camping in Croatia instead), when everyone was shooting off to the Gili islands every summer, and over the last couple of years my main impressions of it were mostly coloured by floating breakfasts.

In honestly, Bali didn’t strike me as much more than a hyped up Magaluf of the East, with any chance of ‘finding yourself’ or gaining any sense of culture swallowed up in 2008 when Julia Roberts inspired the entire population of the Western world to descend on Ubud in search of their very own healer to cure their life crises.

It turns out though, that there’s a whole lot more to Bali than posing with acai bowls and queuing for photos on a jungle swing — the real Bali, whatever it is that draws us all in, can’t be captured in filtered squares.

I Accidentally Went to Bali

You can resist, but the Universe will find a way of getting you where you need to be: Despite my reservations, I found myself in Bali twice last year. Firstly, for work at the beginning of 2019 for the retreat of Bettina Campolucci Bordi. You can read my review of the retreat week here. And then, even though I wanted to take my yoga teacher training course in Costa Rica, I intuitively booked onto a course in Bali.

There’s something going on energetically with this place at the moment—people are being called to it and descending en masse in answer to some sort of internal (or higher) urging. At first I thought it was the draw of insta-fame but now I’ve felt that pull myself I know it comes from a far more authentic place.

Incense floats at waist height wherever you go, which results in perpetual calm and gifts a dreamy dimension to your Bali reality. Multicoloured flowers carpet the pavements, appear outside your door overnight and adorn the table at every meal. The internet is interestingly slow. You feel yourself become humble to and at one with the domination of nature that makes itself so known at every minute; very quickly, wearing shoes feels almost reprehensible.

The Balinese landscape is populated with mythical creatures—geckos and tocays stick to the walls and screak, giant dragonflies that I’m sure are on their way to chaefuer Balinese fairies dart in and out of vision. Small dancing children with eyes that have seen this earth many times before drop in for meal time entertainment while other youngsters play barefoot in the rice fields with homemade kites and call from the back of mopeds to ask where you’re going.


Bali is not utopian paradise. Of course it isn’t, it exists in dense, Earth reality.

Many grasslands have developed their own rivers of plastic, Ubud is busy and berserk with consumerist entices, the traffic is hectic and sends its own brand of smoke to merge with the incense.

Remarkably, though, tourist onslaught doesn’t seem to have affected Bali’s pure, intensely nurturing energy.

Why Is Everybody Going to Bali?

So the energy is numinous, and the beauty pervasive, but what’s really happening in Bali? Why did I end up there twice in a year without even meaning to and return home from both trips feeling clear, open and ridiculously inspired?

When Phil Good prefaced one of his videos with ‘Before I start I want to say, go to Bali. If you’re feeling pulled to go to Bali, go.’ I knew there was something metaphysical to Bali’s draw.

Ubud means ‘medicine’ — the alignment of this with my own experience in Ubud is uncanny.

My trip was prefaced with a series of happenings, the purposes of each only becoming clear over the course of my first two weeks in Bali when it became clear they’d been steps on the way to huge realisations and healings. Bali gave me space to find my wings and it showed me how to use them.

In a meditation (/medication) class I took while I was last in Ubud, the teacher mentioned how the students in his classes are always new because Ubud is so transient. I guess people come, get the healing they need, & then move on.

I’ve never been more convinced that our reality is orchestrated to give us what we need. I had to go to Bali and the Universe made sure I got there.

You just need to sit for a few minutes and listen to a Balinese local talk about their spiritual beliefs and you’ll understand they have an intelligent transcendental connection beyond anything we possess in the West.

I don’t know for sure, all I know is that Bali has an undeniable energy that wraps you up and raises you up to meet it. When you step onto the land you receive some kind of activation, like you’ve returned home to the MotherLand. As we enter 5d reality and are called for ascension, perhaps Bali is a place we go for activation.

Ley Lines & Earth Chakras: Why Everybody is Drawn to Bali

Being the analytical, fact-seeking Virgo that I am, I dug a little deeper into this magic of Bali beyond just my own suppositions and discovered some interesting things pertaining to the earth’s geography and field.

Lo and behold, Bali’s energy is evident in its geography: It is the purification centre of the world.

To understand this, we need to understand the Earth’s energy centres.

As we mirror physical features and mannerisms of our human mothers, so do we mirror our Earth Mother, we were created in her vision, from her codes.

Indeed, Ancient civilizations believed that the body of our planet Earth was born from a universal energy matrix and that it is built on a subtle structure, similar to the energy field of her human children.

As within, so without; as above, so below, and we are all connected to one another and to the wider Universe.

Our connection with Mother Earth is multidimensional and intricate, but one of these connections is through energetic pathways called ley lines, that weave around our planet in a similar pattern to a strand of our own DNA.

Ley lines are likened to our veins; they’re the veins of Mother Earth. Again, that mirror.

China calls them ‘dragon lines’, South American Shamans call them ‘spirit lines’ and Australia’s indigenous people call them ‘dream lines’. Whatever name they’re known as, they’re known, and have been known for centuries.

In fact, modern science is beginning to prove that this ancient knowings are fact. The science journal for the Soviet Academy of Science, Chemistry and Life, published the discovery of a geometric grid pattern which connects a series of natural phenomena into a single planetary system. The research outlines the existence of an underlying framework linking these centers into a dual crystal structure, a combination between an icosahedron and a dodecahedron. American researcher Ivan T. Sanderson also identified twelve ‘vile vortexes’, or electromagnetic energy disturbances, across the surface of the globe, which include the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil's Sea.

The places on the Earth where these ley lines intersect are known as Earth’s chakras.

Chakra points radiate energy and regulate the electromagnetic field of our planet. Together with Earth’s vortices, they form an energetic, crystalline grid around Earth.

The sites of Earth’s energy centres are home to our most sacred temples and monuments, including the Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and Angkor Wat and they’re also in perfect alignment with astrological constellations.

And we know that people have gathered for centuries, millenia, at these spiritual places all over the planet. In ceremony, divinity, in search. They’re magnetised, as I was to Bali.

Many find that so much arises when they visit one of these spiritual places, anything that needs to come to the surface rises up and out to be healed.

The exact locations of Earth’s chakras are pretty well in agreement, although her vortexes and minor chakras are sometimes changeable/up for debate. But the 7 main Chakras are generally accepted as being:

Root Chakra, Muladara: Mt. Shasta, United Sates

Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana: Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Solar Plexus, Manipura: Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Australia

Heart, Anahata: Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, UK

Throat, Vishuddha: Great Pyramid, Mt. Sinai, and Mt. of Olives

Third Eye, Ajna: The Aeon Activation Centre, mobile

Crown, Sahasrara: Mt. Kailas, Tibet

Bali is Earth's Activation Centre

So. Bali isn’t a site of one of Earth’s main chakras, but it does lie along the major ley line that runs from the her Solar Plexus to her Heart.

As we’re moving from 3d to 5d reality, into this new era on Earth from the ‘doing’ of the Kali Yuga era into the age of intuition and love, this is reflected in the position of Bali between these two chakras.

We are literally and energetically moving from the active, ‘doing’ willpower, the masculine of the Solar Plexus to the loving, femininity, the ‘being’ of the Heart, and taking our physical bodies there for activation along the way.

It’s a neat concept, no?

Additionally, Bali is also home to 6 ley lines.

There are 6 purification regions in Bali which circulate and cleanse the energetic ‘blood’ of the Earth.

These 6 ley lines pass through 6 sights where the energy of each of the five elements is purified. The ley line known as the Rainbow Serpent (Great Female Dragon) arrives from Australia to be purified of the earth element at Uluwatu Temple.

It then passes through the sacred active volcano of Mount Batur, which purifies the energy with the element of fire. From Lake Titicaca in Peru the great male dragon line (quetzalcoatl current) travels up to Batakau Temple to be cleansed of the water element, before it travels to one of the highest and most sacred peaks in all of Bali, its other active volcano, Mount Agung to clean the air element.

At the foot of Mount Agung resides Tirta Empul, considered to be a central vortex. The holy spring water from the mountain is used by the locals of Bali for performing rituals to purify, and is believed to be a destination for gathering light codes.

Pulaki in the northwest of Bali is the 6th purification vortex. It is said to be a dimension portal to purify ether.

SO—I’m convinced we’re being pulled to Bali to pick up and merge with the specific vibrations needed right now for collective and personal growth and evolution.

My word for 2020 is CLARITY—and I’m sure I went to Bali last year to be cleansed of my energetic debris so that I could stride into 2020 with clear vision.

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