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This is the No.1 Reason

You're Not Making Sales

 Coaches, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners: Listen Up! 

Rachel bednarski copywriting services we

Your words aren't working

Your prospects don't actually know what you do, what you're offering, or why they need you


because your copy isn't connecting or converting.

Coaches, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners:

  I believe in your message 

So, let me save you from your:

Dreary copy

Boring book proposals

Hum-drum articles

And dead-end landing pages


So that your message lands with the people who need to hear it.


Because that is the number one reason you're not making the big numbers we both know you're capable of. 

If you’re successful in your business now, imagine now just how successful you’ll be when your words are right


When they’re doing their job of truly communicating with your potential clients and audience to show them how you’re here to help them.


When they actually get your message and value rather than just understanding your service.


Because the truth is, despite the income you’re picking up right now, if your copy and content isn’t working for you, there’s no doubt you’re also leaving thousands of pounds untapped.


Great copy, magic copy, superlative copy, is the metaphorical hand that will turn your conversion faucet all the way on.


Words are magic, that's why it's called spelling.

Copywriting: words that sell

Copywriter: a person with the (underrated) ability to conjure words into dynamic stories that sell you and your message so that people buy your product or service and you scale your business.

The way in which your audience and potential clients receive the words on your website and landing pages, and in your newsletters, blog articles and social media captions is imperative to you generating income.


If they don’t get what you do, and if you can’t convince them that they need what you do --- they 'x' away. And you both miss out.




So the question:


Is your copy working?


  • Is it telling your ideal client exactly why they need you?

  • Does it tell your reader that you get them, you see them, you understand them and their problems, and you have the solution?

  • Does it entertain them and have them itching for the ‘contact me’ button so they can start working with you right away?

  • Does it feel like you?

  • And does your reader feel themselves in it?

  • Are you happy for potential clients to read it? Or does it make you cringe a little sending people your URL?


Whether your business has anything to do with words or writing or not

(it does ;))---words and writing are fundamental to the success---or lack of success---of your business.



Lead Magnets

Social media captions

LinkedIn posts

Articles and blogs



Landing pages

Sales pages

Your bestselling book

So, we’ve cleared that up, I think?



TL;DR: You need excetional copywriting.


  Now, the problem:  


How do you do all of that when you’re a busy entrepreneur with limited time?


3 hours 59 minutes

^^is the average time it takes to write a blog post in 2019.


That’s 65% longer than in 2014.


Because quality, accuracy, voice and length are becoming increasingly more important to consumers.


One blog a week means more than 15 hours a month of article writing, and that’s before you’ve written your newsletters, social media posts, sales pages and worked on your book (yes, that book you haven’t actually started writing yet because, time).


As an Entrepreneur, CEO, small business wonder---do you have that much time going spare?


Of course you don’t,


and that’s where I come in.


Hi, I'm Rachel

I work with words to make them work for you.

My clients are wonderful individuals and brands in the wellness industry, and some special CEOs and B2B Marketers, too.

People who realised that their time was better spent on the parts of their business where their unique skills are truly needed, and rather than wasting time attempting to add 'copywriter' to their skillset by muddling together so-so copy and content, they outsourced to me.

You can continue floundering around creating ‘good enough’ copy to slap onto the front of your business while you juggle everything else you have to do.


Or you can hand it over to me and use those hours on the skills you already have that will move the needle on your business.


If words are getting in the way of you being the most successful you can possibly be, allow me to take them off your hands (fingertips).


Words are my thing, so you can stick to your thing.


Psychology and how people think and act are also my things, which works well because I know how to apply this knowledge to the words I write to incite that necessary action from your audience.

copywriter | brand storyteller | content writer | digital marketer

Proudly featured in/worked with:

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What my clients say:

'Rachel is a really talented writer and I love working with her. She grasped the essence of my brand very quickly and has produced some brilliant pieces for me. She delivers everything ahead of our deadlines and her sunny, positive nature means it’s always a pleasure to work with her.'

Jools Sampson,

Reclaim Your Self 

'Rachel is a great asset to anyone. She quickly absorbs and figures out your voice and adjusts accordingly. She has a great sense for language weather it be for an article, marketing purposes or descriptions of any sorts. There is always a gentle red thread that flows through making it easy to connect the dots and flow. Last but not least she listens and that translates well into anything she applies.'

Bettina Campolucci Bordi,

Bettina's Kitchen

'Rachel's writing is beautiful. Everything is well researched, considered and she has a really lovely style. I have no doubt she can meet any brief or style with enthusiasm and expertise. 
An absolute pleasure to work with, I would highly recommend.' 

Niki Webster,

Rebel Kitchen

Justin Caffrey,

Elite Mindset Coach


Let's Get You Connected with Your Audience

Ready to hand over your copy and finally take a breath?


here are a number of ways we can work together to save you time and get you clear and consistent with your content whilst amplifying your brand voice and message to turn your readers into customers.

See below for my services and packages — and then get in touch when you're ready to end your battle with copywriting!

$70 - $500

$30 - $350

Image by Jess Bailey

Copy/Content Writing

On a monthly basis, I will write your blog posts, social media captions, web copy, sales pages, podcast notes, and/or newsletters so you have your content calendar sorted. All content is written in your brand voice, SEO optimised and is designed to connect with your readers, communicate your message and ultimately, convert your readers to sales.

Minimum 10 hours p/m for 3 months

Image by Amelia Bartlett

Brand Voice Check Up

Image by Nick Morrison

Mix & Match

Depending on where you're at in your business with your unique circumstances and strategy with your brand, we can work together to create the perfect package for you and your needs.

Just get in touch and we can chat.

Get my eyes on your website, social media channels and any other copy and content you have representing you and your brand. I will audit and edit your copy to ensure all your words are superlative and your grammar is on point. You will also get a report on your brand voice with suggestions for how to optimise your language, tone and words to make sure your ideal client is listening.

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