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The Breath Portal

WEEK 5: The Spiritual

Anybody can go to an immersive breathwork ceremony...

About Me

But how are you breathing every other minute of your life?

You see...


You were born breathing exactly how nature intended. But then life happened. You got stressed, The Fear came in, you felt pain, your nervous systems dyresgulated, you were abandoned, shamed, and guilted, and you were overseen and under-resourced…

And your full-body, optimal, life-giving, health-giving breath became shallow, rapid, stilted, and irregular.

It’s so easy to think of our breath as an inhale of oxygen and an exhale of carbon dioxide. But it is so much more than that (as you're about to discover...!)


Yet we are never taught how to work with and use our breath. To the extent that 90% of us are breathing sub-optimally.

And what we don’t realise is that so many of our problems, issues, and ailments when it comes to our physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual health can be alleviated or even completely healed when we relearn how to use every breath as a portal into our most vitalitous, alive, energised selves.

The Breath Portal

This is where you reclaim your full, free, life-activating breath and learn to use it exactly how nature intended. Remembering how to B R E A T H E is your ultimate life hack.

Step into this evidence-based, practical AND magical 5-week, 5-masterclass mini-course to discover the simple and astonishingly effective daily breathing techniques you can use effortlessly throughout your day to:

  • access inner calm

  • sharpen your focus

  • sleep better and more deeply

  • activate your energy and creativity

  • manage and relieve anxiety and stress

  • amplify your spiritual connection

  • let go and receive

  • balance your masculine and feminine energies

  • make conscious breathing an embodied part of how you operate in life

  • and so. much. more.

The Breath Portal gives you everything you need to improve your breathing capacity, correct dysfunctional habits or patterns that are inhibiting your free expression and true nature, and develop a co-creative, trusting relationship with the very thing that gives you LIFE.

What You'll Unlock...

By the end of the 5 weeks, you'll have a bank of purposeful breathing practices to use for specific energetic and physical purposes. And you'll know exactly how to use them and why they work - so you'll actually use them for life.

Week 1: Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing

Become the observer of your breath and learn how to work with your breathing as a barometer for how you’re feeling, thinking, and acting.

Week 2: The Inhalation

Learn how to use the energy and mechanism of your inhalations to activate creativity, enhance energy, and support you in getting unstuck and taking aligned action for the life you want to live.

Week 3: The Exhalation

Learn how to use the energy and mechanism of your exhalations to induce relaxation, rest, recovery, stress relief, and the parasympathetic branch of your nervous system.

Week 4: Breath Holds

Discover the inherent power of not breathing and how what you do while you’re holding your breath is as important to optimal breathing as your inhalations and exhalations. 

Week 5: Spiritual Breathing

You’ve uncovered the evidence and the science behind your breathing, now you get to learn specific breathing techniques to enhance your spiritual practice and connection with the magical, mystical, inexplicable side of yourself and of life.


Weekly breathing challenge to make sure you're embodying your new (read: original) ways of breathing.

Join The Breath Portal now and get instant access to the full course so you can start embodying the benefits of conscious breathing right away.

"Breathing affects every organ, system, and function in the body. Every physiological, psychological, and emotional state has a corresponding breathing pattern. When you change one, the other changes. Therefore, conscious breathing techniques have the potential to transform the quality of your life on every level and on a day-to-day basis." - Dan Brule

Rachel (18 of 33).jpg

I'm Rachel

When the pandemic came along and we went from total ignorance of the fact we're breathing at all, to full-on fearing our breath, that was it. I felt myself being called forward to be a part of reconnecting us all with the beauty, power, and full function of the very thing that keeps us alive.


I transitioned from practicing and teaching pranayama (yogic breathwork) as a yoga and meditation teacher to training making the breath the main event of my coaching, programmes, and classes.

I've since immersed in the study of breathwork and breathing from philosophical, energetic, physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions to develop 

My trauma-informed styles of teaching with the breath are influenced by my background in Tibetan Buddhism, yoga philosophy and yoga psychology, pranayama, tantra, energy work, and conscious connected breathwork.

My intention for The Breath Portal is to guide you in small, simple ways to reconnecting with the magic and power of your own breath in a way that transforms you and your life from the inside out.

What These Breathers Discovered Inside The Portal


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