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What if all of the things you think are wrong with you…

Aren’t actually wrong at all...

What could change for you if you were able to quit looking at your anxiety, fear, blocks, worries, and pain as things to be fixed and healed and instead see them as the portals to your greatest wisdom?

If you're tired of picking yourself apart in an attempt to 'heal'...

It's time to do it a different way.

If that's a scary idea, know this:

You already have everything you need inside of you. You’ve heard this before, I'm, maybe without fully grasping the true meaning of it.


What it means is this:


At the very core of it, all of your 'problems' come down to one thing: A lack of capacity to feel.


And reclaiming your ability to feel all of yourself and all of life is the key to the solution you’ve been seeking.

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'When I invested in you it felt like a lot of money — and now it feels like the best money I’ve ever spent. There’s no way I could have known what I just experienced, it’s not something you can explain and put on your website. This is more valuable than people know when they invest in this.’

- Paul

You've read the books, you have a dedicated morning routine, you follow the people on social media, and you’ve probably even done therapy and know exactly what you need to work on…

You’re talking about it, journaling on it, understanding it, bringing awareness to it...

And STILL you can never quite escape and heal from the thing you want to change about yourself.

And therein lies the problem...

Most people approach their healing from their heads.

But feeling doesn’t happen in your mind. It happens in your body.

There's enormous power inside of the very things you've been trying to change about yourself...  

When you get your body involved in your healing, you get to tap into, use, and integrate that power.

Every one of your symptoms...

The anxiety, stuckness, overwhelm, overthinking, not being able to make a decision, freezing, not being able to show up online, avoiding, never being fully honest with your partner, never quite feeling like you’re being your true self…


Are exactly that, symptoms of not feeling.

They’re not problems you need to get rid of and fix. They are wise languages you get to interpret.


There’s an intelligent part of you that knows something that your conscious mind can’t yet access. The way to get to that, is through your body.


Once you have the key to this inner knowing, the conflict and void currently waging war inside of you can be integrated into wholeness.

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1-1 Somatic Coaching

Where you become the greatest authority on your own healing

Grow Your Vision

This is where we

Using a unique and intuitive combination of coaching, inquiry, nervous system regulation, breathwork, thought work, energy work, movement, and deep listening to your body and the healer inside of you

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I'm Rachel

Somatic and breathwork coach, yoga and meditation teacher, energy worker.

I guide you to spend a little less time in your mind and a little more time in your body, so you can feel and experience life, rather than thinking and analysing your way through it. 


As a culture, we avoid and protect ourselves from uncomfortable feelings and difficult emotions because we were never taught how to experience them without the negative repercussions of shame, name-calling, guilt, being rejected etc. Because of this, we have adopted mind-based approaches like therapy, talking, thinking, and meditating to try to feel better. 


The problem is that feelings are not experienced in your mind. Life is not experienced in your mind. It’s experienced in your body. The taste of chocolate, the smell of your coffee, the freedom of dancing, hugging your children. Receiving money. Giving a sell-out talk on stage at your best-selling book tour. It’s all in the body. Somatic practices, including modalities like breathwork, movement, and sensing give us a way into the body to start building tolerance for exploring all emotions, sensation, and feeling.


I believe that when we stop pathologising feelings and trying to micro-manage them, and come down into our body we can finally feel them, listen to them, and learn from our body’s innate intelligence.

I’ve studied with Cyndi Lee, Dan Brule, Bessel Van der Kolk, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and Richard Strozzi Heckler to cultivate my approach based on a combination of energetic work, spirituality and yoga, nervous system regulation, trauma sensitivity, and somatic coaching.



Trauma Informed Coaching 

Embodied Transformation 

250 hour Breathwork Teacher Training

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training

Yoga Psychology 150 hours

200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Level 2 Reiki Healing

If anyone has a chance to attend a class or event in which Rachel is a teacher or participant, please go. She has such a healing presence, that I just stepped aside when she and I worked together. She is a rare, natural born healer. I just like sitting near or her and talking to her.

- Mel Proctor


Want to chat, first?​

Tap the calendar below to book a free call with me. Let's let's figure out if Somatic Coaching is right for you

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