Your 6 week personal immersion into the healing power of your breath


A life-affirming guided journey through the essential, transformational breathing techniques that will teach you how to manage pain, release stress and overwhelm, calm your mind and body, and break through your energy blocks to finally feel at home and empowered in your body, mind, and consciousness.

It’s time to finally feel alive….



Why Breathwork?

On their very first day of school, 5 year old monks learn how to breathe.

Not ABC, not counting. Breath.

And here we are over in the West, barely aware of a single one of the 25,000 breaths we take every day of our lives.

So why do monks value breathing so much?

Because our breath is inextricably linked with our entire being, every moment of every day. Our breath is in relationship with our emotions, our mood, our immune system, our nervous system. It can influence whether or not our body perceives safety or danger, if we can rest or if we have to stress. It influences whether our mind is chaotic and anxious or calm and still.

And our breath is our single most direct connection with being alive. Breathwork is spiritual work simply by that one virtue.

Think of all of that underutilised power we can access, simply by learning how to use our breath.

We've lost touch with the power of our breath, we're so stressed, tired, overworked, reactive and distracted that we've forgotten that so much of that can be solved by breathing consciously.

'I had no idea that a breathing session could be so powerful.'

- Cornelia Ziegler


Breakthrough is for you if:

  • You regularly feel overwhelmed and/or anxious

  • You're a highly sensitive person who finds it hard to live in this busy, nosiy, demanding world

  • You're on the brink of, or recovering from, burnout

  • You're fatigued and lacking energy and motivation to live the exciting life you desire

"Rachel is a unique force of nature. What a woman. I have never given myself to a true breathwork session, despite teaching it lightly as a Physiotherapist.


Oh my word how do I describe this experience?! A Spiritual Breathing orgasm of release I think would just about cover it. I can be cynical about whether these ‘techniques’ will work on me.


I gave myself to it and had a profoundly personal, emotional and physical experience. An experience I cannot really liken to anything (hypnobirthing comes close) but one I am so honoured and grateful to have been able to experience and most importantly release pent up emotion that was clearly deeply and subconsciously stored deep in my body."

- Lucy B

Image by tabitha turner

Breathwork Coaching



What to Expect

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.”

                                                                ― Thich Nhat Hanh

We will explore what it is you want and need right now, whether that is emotionally, energetically, mentally, physically or spiritually (or all!) and create a breathing experience just for you to bring you to your goals.

During each session, we'll spend some time sharing and setting your goals and intentions, before I guide you on an immersive breathwork experience using music and meditation along with transformational breathing techniques.

You will relearn how to breathe optimally in your everyday life and discover simple techniques to use at any time by yourself for personal empowerment and emotional and mental regulation.



woman in nature and roses practicing breathwork pranayama

Whatever it is you're working on,

Breakthrough can support you

Unlock the Benefits of Breathwork

Feeling stressed and anxious? Stuck? Finding it difficult to rest and sleep? Lacking motivation? Low in energy?Dealing with health issues? Ready to connect with your inner power and bring your goal and visions to life?

Break through using the power of your breath...

What Clients Say

"Rachel was so intuitive to my needs and her responsive creativity was boundless to help me to let go, release, and relax."

- Mary Sheppard

"As a result of working with Rachel and her tender voice and great music your body will quickly feel vibrant, open and active. I had no expectations as I am breathing every day (i thought..) I had no idea that a breathing session is so powerful. This was my first breathing session with Rachel and definitely not my last!"

- Cornelia Ziegler

"If anyone has a chance to attend a class or event in which Rachel is a teacher or participant, please go. She has such a healing presence, that I just stepped aside when she and I worked together. She is a rare, natural born healer. I just like sitting near or her and talking to her."

- Mel

"She definitely brings the light! I can’t recommend Rachel enough! She’s amazing!"

- Mary Sheppard


For an investment of £777

What you get when you join

  • 6 live one-to-one immersive breathwork sessions via Zoom

  • Personal Breakthrough plan so you can integrate your breakthroughs and make breathwork a part of your daily life to get you to your goals and intentions

  • Full Voxer support with me for the duration of the programme

Payment plans are available

Ready to breathe?



I absoultely cannot wait to share the magic and transformation of breathwork with you.


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